News and Events

[For info on current and upcoming exhibitions of my work, please go to the "Exhibitions" page of this website.]

The current issue of LensWork magazine (#140/Jan-Feb) contains a portfolio of six images from my series PosNeg. I was selected from those who had their work published in one of their "Seeing in Sixes" books published over the past three years. 

Eight of my photos appear in AAP Magazine, issue #3: Travels.

I was recently offered membership in Perspective Group and Gallery, a not-for-profit community-based cooperative located in Evanston, Illinois. I have attended many (and participated in a few) exhibitions there since their founding in 2010. I look forward to contributing to their mission of promoting fine art photography to the local community.

Several photos from my "The Sky from the Air" series were recently published in F-Stop magazine's Land, Sea, Air issue.

Six photos from my "Pos-Neg" series were selected for publication in this year's "Seeing in Sixes" book published by the editors of LensWork magazine.