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Spheres of imperfection

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“A beautiful thing is never perfect.”--Proverb

For some time I have been creating these imaginary spherical "objects," mostly for my own pleasure.  The rather convoluted process involves a combination of decision-making and randomness, which I find appealing.  It frequently leads to feelings of wonder and surprise as the images gradually develop into their final form.  It is a type of alchemy.

Nonetheless, something about the objects was unsatisfying.  I finally decided that they were too "perfect."  I incorporated a "flaw" into each object: a broken or missing part, a scratch, a scrape, a blister, a bit of mold or corrosion--something to bring the object closer to physical reality.  As someone with perfectionistic tendencies, I found this to be very difficult and painful.  I had to force myself.  This is probably apparent from the relative subtlety of the flaws.  At least it's a start.